Monday, August 20, 2007

Anything for a Jelly Bean...

You'd think by the title that I'm talking about myself, right. Nooo, there's a bigger jelly bean fiend in my house than me. It's Trevor. He's always been a terror when we try to cut his nails. When he was young, I would just cut them while he was nursing, since he'd be all distracted and relaxed. But after that stopped, it took one of us to hold him down and the other to try to hold his hands steady and cut while he's screaming bloody murder the whole time. It's like trying to put sunscreen on a Salvaggio. A few weeks ago, I decided to give him a bag of jelly beans to work on while I cut his nails. Lo and behold, I have an angel on my hands. Speaking of angels, how do you think I got him to pose with those wings for Valentine's day? Jelly beans, of course. So last weekend he actually brought me the nail clippers and said "Cut my nails Mommy? Jelly beans, please?" He looks forward to having his nails cut!

I know, I know, it's wrong to bribe your kids. But you can live in parenting fantasy-land if you want. I found something that works and I'm running with it. Is 10 jelly beans a week going to kill the kid? Ten pounds of jelly beans a week hasn't killed me yet. Oh shut up, I've cut back on account of the gestational diabetes and everything. I even turned down a cupcake last week so I should win some pregnant woman medal or something.

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