Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Any better ideas?

We're taking the kids to New York in September. This is Sean's big pilgrammage to Yankee Stadium so the boys can see it before it gets torn down. So I figured we'd make a week of it, go a little further north and see some foliage, hike a little (as much as my lazy toddler and fat belly will allow), relax.

Now I knew the weekend in the city would be expensive. There's no avoiding expensive hotels in NYC, but I'm trying to see if I can use some Marriott points to buy a few nights. But I figured the rest of the week wouldn't be too bad. I went to check this lodge/country inn where Sean and I stayed about 7-8 yrs ago in Vermont. It's a little rustic, but family friendly (adult + bunk beds, goats and stuff to play with), and if I recall, ran us about $80 a night last time we stayed. Now: $175 + taxes a night for the same room! And it doesn't look like they've undergone any renovation to go from a rustic converted barn to a luxury B&B. So what gives? So I'm on the prowl for something suitable and affordable for the last wk of Sept somewhere within driving distance (5 hours?) of NYC. Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut...any place would be fine where we could get a little country outdoors time and not spend a fortune. I guess $175 a night isn't a fortune, but we paid $80/night taxes included for a 3 bedroom townhouse in Orlando so I think I've gotten a warped sense of cost.


Vito said...

For $80 a night I betcha my parents would out you up. They have a spare room now that Frankie is out.

It's kinds like being in the country. You can see deer & rabbits from the kitchen and the pool is so messed up it's just like a pond.

Vito said...

"This is Sean's big pilgrimage to Yankee Stadium ... before it gets torn down."

That doesn't sound like you're 100% supportive of this idea.

Further, they're tearing Yankee Stadium down? WTF?

Lisa Marie said...

Now that Frankie has his own place, maybe he can rent out rooms and run a B&B.

I think the next season (2008-2009) is the last one before they tear Yankee Stadium down. C'mon, what's the big deal? It's not Wrigley Field or anything special like that!!