Wednesday, December 13, 2006

First Parent-Helper Day...Well, I won out (or so I thought) and ended up getting to take the first McLaughlin parent-helper day at Poe-Co. Since the school is a co-op, each family takes a turn at helping out once every 16 school days (since there are 16 families). We started off OK, had to get there early to set up snack and tidy up a bit. The whole philosophy is "your child-your lap" so you get to do whatever your youngster wants instead of having specific assigned tasks as teacher's helper. So I just followed Hayden along and played with him and his little pals.

Here's what I realized...I'm not just one of those people who generally likes just every single child I encounter. I love mine an incomprehensible amount and I like many others, but there are some I just don't like at all. I won't name any names, but I'm not a fan of:
  • boys who throw sand at me and shout "pooh-pooh" constantly
  • children who weep incessantly at the slightest little thing (like crying because a boy who said "roar" while pretending to be a snow monster)
  • nose pickers
Also, I found out that parent helper day ends with:
  • washing dishes
  • sweeping, vacuuming, mopping
  • cleaning all tables and chairs
  • cleaning two toilets
  • taking out trash
I don't do any of these chores at my house, how come I have to do them when I'm paying good money to send my boy to a fancy preschool? I liked having Hayden in my lap today, but I think Sean is going for the next parent-helper day.

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