Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two things...I was about to make a nice post and then I just got really frustrated about something. So I'll start with the nice stuff before I vent.

I'm starting to adore the little language that's developing in my house that I call Trevie-speak. His vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds, mostly sounding like real words, but he tends to pepper the conversation with his own made up words that he uses consistently. Examples and their translations include:
  • Bo-Bo: Pacifier
  • Bow-Mi: Please open this for me?
  • Tath-bub: Bathtub

The boy continues to melt my heart every day.

Now the venting. I called the doctor's office today to schedule Trevor's 18 month check-up. Guess what? They don't have any appointments for THE REST OF THE YEAR. Not just for his pediatrician, but for any of the 10+ pediatricians in the practice. So what about January, because Hayden needs his 4-year check up at the end of January too? Guess what? No appointments with his doctor in January either! He's only in the office through the 9th and then out through the end of January. They could schedule me with someone else in January. But I said that Hayden only sees his doctor once a year so I'd prefer for him to see his actual pediatrician. So what about February? Oh, they don't have their calendar open for February yet. But maybe his nurse could somehow manage to fit me into his schedule at the beginning of January if I talk to her. So I said fine, connnect me to the nurse. "Oh no, she's out today, you'll have to call back tomorrow". I said, just connect me to her voicemail. "No, regulations don't allow our voicemail to store messages overnight so you if you leave a message it will be deleted overnight"


Must be nice to make yourself completely unavailable to your patients but still stay in business.

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