Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lock-Down...Sean had a rather bizarre experience when he went to drop Hayden off at preschool today. Just as he went inside, they did a "lock-down" drill and he had to stay inside with the kids (and Trevor) until the drill was over. During the drill, the teachers bolted all the doors and the kids had to go to the innermost corner of the room and sit quietly while the teacher read to them very softly. The drill is supposed to simulate the procedure if there's some sort of terrorist threat in or near the school. Which is really a scary thing to think about in the base case that our children have to worry about classmates with guns or terrorist attacks which are things that never crossed my mind in elementary school. But here's the intensely shocking part: This particular school does these drills because some psychotic parent actually came to the school with a bomb and blew up himself, his child, and several other people some 50-odd years ago. Here's what I found when I Googled the subject . Scary stuff, huh?

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