Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just stopping say hello. I haven't blogged in a few days. Been working later than usual. I'm headed to Vail on a "business" trip on Saturday. Sean will be on his own with the kids till Tuesday. I know that would be a challenge for most dads, but he's truly up to the task. Honestly, I think he'll do better with them alone for four days than I would. After six years of marriage and being spoiled, I've apparently forgotten how to:
  • Pump gas
  • Wash dishes
  • Walk the dogs
  • Feed the dogs
  • etc.
Where Super-Dad/Husband can do all of this and more. So they'll be fine while I'm boondoggling on the slopes.

Tomorrow is my Parent-Helper day at Hayden's school. They're having a chuckwagon and a bunch of dads are coming in to cook a "cowboy" breakfast. Oh yes indeedy, it's Rodeo kick-off time in Houston. Yippee! One of the other moms was ribbing me about needing to wear my cowgirl gear. I prodded her into wearing her pajamas on PJ day, so I guess she thinks it's my turn. The real problem is this: I don't own any rodeo-type gear. No boots, no hat, no bandanas, no chaps. I do have jeans, so that will be my big statement. Pretty unimpressive, huh?

I'm a bit out of sorts today because I got some terrible news today about Monika, who was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer after removal of a large cyst. She is very close to someone in my family. It has me very concerned for both her and those who will be supporting her through the next steps, which looks like a short time to recover from the surgery and then an aggressive course of chemo. So if you can, keep her in your prayers.


Mama T said...

Sounds like you could use a big hug before you head off ?boondogging? what is that?!

Vito said...

Really. I don't think I've seen you take the dogs out since you and Sean started dating.

At least I don't have to take your garbage out anymore.