Monday, February 05, 2007

Thank you UPS man! There's a bit of confusion in our household about the UPS man. Hayden seems to think he's a Santa Claus-like character. A few weeks ago, he received some games in the mail for his birthday. I asked him who sent them to him and he replied "The UPS man!". I said, "No Honey, the UPS man delivered the packages, but somebody else sent them to you." And he said, "No Mommy, the UPS man gave these to me." So Steph and James, thanks for the great gifts, but you're not really getting credit unless you deliver things by hand apparently.

For our anniversary, Sean ordered me a few treats (candy-YUM, popcorn-YUM) that were delivered to the house, by you-know-who. Hayden was very excited "Look what the UPS man brought for you Mommy." So thanks UPS man, I don't know how you remembered my anniversary, but you always think of the most thoughtful gifts. Keep 'em coming.

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Vito said...

That's hysterical!