Monday, January 08, 2007

Holidays, Part 2...

Trevor learned to say "I love you" (with words and not just his sweet eyes):

And last, but not least, we bid a fond "bĂșcsĂș" (that's farewell in Hungarian) to our dear friends the Salvaggios who are off to Budapest for a few years. Far away in miles, but always near in our hearts. I'm already signed up for some trendy new Skype thing so I can call them for free over the internet. And we're thinking about visiting Mickey Mouse with them sometime this summer. It still seems surreal that they're gone, but it will hit me soon I think.

Hayden and grown up will she look the next time we see her:

Me and Anna...I thought about scanning one of our old Polaroids from the club hopping days for comparison (y'know, short skirts, mixed drink in one hand, cigarette in the other), but I didn't get around to it. But we've certainly stuck together through a lot of changes in both our lives, so I don't think a little move to Budapest will change that.

That's all for now. Planning a birthday party for Hayden. I can't believe he'll be FOUR years old in a little over two weeks. Wish me luck with a Chuck E. Cheese party for all his preschool classmates. Yikes!!

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