Thursday, January 25, 2007

Walkie-Talkies = Bad Gift
About a year ago, we bought Hayden a set of walkie-talkies as a gift. I can't remember if it was for Christmas or his birthday. Anyways, he was apparently too young for them, because no matter how much we coached him, he would press the button, hear the beep, then let go of the button and start talking. Which doesn't work. You have to hold the button the whole time you're talking. But he just couldn't manage that at 3 years old.

So off to the closet the walkie-talkies went. And out they came for his 4th birthday. He's better with the holding the button concept now. But here comes the new problem. You can pick up other people's conversations on walkie-talkies. These things have a radius of "up to 10 miles". So while they were sitting on the counter and we were eating breakfast, we picked up several conversations, tow truck drivers and construction workers I think. Normally, I'm a big fan of eavesdropping, but there was an EXTRAORDINARY amount of profanity and nasty talk in these conversations.

So the walkie-talkies are gone again. Hayden's been a little mouthy lately and I told him that the next time I hear any name-calling or potty talk he was going to lose a toy. So Tuesday night he called his brother a "pooh-pooh head" and I took the walkie-talkies away. Good think he's so disobedient or I would have had to find another way to get rid of the darned things.

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