Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice day...I'm home from work today on account of the inclement weather. Want to see what inclement weather looks like in Houston?

Pretty scary, don't ya think? It's a good thing we have enough rations in the house to last us for a few days, since we'll probably be trapped in the house by the scary bad weather.

I was actually showered, made-up, and in my suit when I decided to call Michele and she talked me into staying home. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Where are you at?

Michele: Home

Me: Are you going into work?

Michele: No, there are 22 overpasses between here and the Woodlands and our exit is closed by work because of ice.

Me: I was thinking about going in.

Michele: Do you have something important you need to get done or a meeting?

Me: No, I was just going to surf the internet. I guess I could do that from home. I'll just make the nanny stay and watch the kids while I pretend to "work at home" upstairs.

Michele: OK

My plan worked out pretty well. I did get some pictures edited, but I'm still hopelessly behind. I bought some new actions, which are like macros that shortcut some steps on the editing and can give some cool effects. I'm not attached to "true" colors on my pictures and really like jazzing things up. I liked this one of Annie (my friend Carrie's daughter):

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