Friday, January 12, 2007

Note to self, avoid cargo pants...Trevor and I dropped Hayden off at school today and stayed awhile to play with the big kids (how lucky are we to have a preschool that welcomes parents and siblings to play for a half hour?). So Trevor wants to play in the sandbox and I'm watching one of Hayden's classmates. He has one of those small shovels and he's putting one shovelful after another into the pockets of his cargo pants until both pockets are bulging full of sand. I think this kid had enough to build his own beach when he gets home. Of course, I just stood there and didn't bother to stop him. Not my kid, not my problem, right? But I do really like his mom so I felt a teensy bit bad, but he was already well on his way when I noticed. I was just relieved it wasn't my kid. But I don't think I'll let Hayden wear his cargo pants to school anymore, just jeans from now on.


Vito said...

Karma will get you for not helping that other other.

Vito said...

darnit...must proof read before I hit publish...I meant "other mother"