Monday, January 08, 2007

Back in action...I think my blogging frequency is proportional to my work frustration. Even though I don't blog about my job (creeping fear that someone from the office will see it), writing about the kids and stuff clears my head and gives me a mini-break from the many frustrations of my day. So, when I'm off on extended holiday, I don't spend my time in front of the computer blogging. BUT...I do spend plenty of time behind the lens of my camera (including the fun new 50mm/f1.4 Santa brought me), so I'll update the last few weeks via photos (if Blogger cooperates).

First, we took the boys to see the man in the red suit. And miracle of all miracles, there was no crying this year. Yay!

We partied with some pals and actually got a photo of the kids together with no Photoshop head replacements required:

Grandma Carole joined us for Christmas morning, which was a real treat for the boys:

We rejoiced in the small things, like a new A.Rod ornament and a ball drop toy:

Hayden learned to ride the new bike Santa brought for him...

Hmmm....the photo upload has stopped working, I think I'll post this and try to continue with a second post.


Mama T said...

okay, that ball drop toy is the best. Clara's bestest pal margot has it and clara can't tear herself away from it. except to play with margot's new cash register. also a hit.

Vito said...

Don't get me started on the ball drop toy...the ball drop toy Katie received from the McLaughlins a couple of years ago had noises and lights and was way annoying. No fair that Santa brings quiet toys to their kids.