Saturday, January 27, 2007

Busy, busy...Things are pretty busy in La Casa McLaughlin today. We're getting ready for a visit from our friends the Deans who are coming all the way from Virginia to spend a week with us. It will be nice for Trevor to have a playmate (11 month old Olivia) and nice for me to catch up with Anne and Chris. Hopefully the house isn't so messy and chaotic that they check out and head to a hotel after the first day.

Took some pictures yesterday (almost every day lately, actually). But really, of someone other than Hayden or Trevor. Meet Lunita, the daughter of Sara. Isn't she sweet? Just over a month old now:

Yesterday was pajama day at PoeCo. All the kids wore their PJs as did the teachers and parent-helpers. How much fun is that? Not to be left out, Trevor spent the whole day in his jammies
Of course, Hayden and Trevor wore matching pajamas, because it wouldn't be fun otherwise. The only trouble was getting shoes on over the feet.

Later on, we played inside and Hayden got to experiment with the new tattoos that he received for his birthday. Looks too sweet to be a pirate if you ask me.

Trevor asked Hayden to flex for him while he checked out big brother's new tattoo. It's all funny till they're 18 years old and show up with a real pirate tattoo, right?

Today was rainy in the morning and the boys were very disappointed at not getting to go walk the dogs with daddy. So we had to watch the action from the bedroom window.

Someone asked me for a photo gift certificate to give a friend who's expecting a new baby. So I had to come up with a logo a little less lame than what I had on the website before. Of course, I still haven't done anything else on the website. Although I did find a help page to walk me through uploading from my software to my hosting server. Which I couldn't figure out before. Now I just need a few uninterrupted hours to work on the thing. Wishful thinking, right?

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Mama T said...

I think it's a great logo. Well done! Want to come to our town to take pics of Pippa when she's nearly a year?!